Wednesday, July 25, 2012

am I the only ONE...

I am tired and done...
Am I the only one

Around the world there are celebrations..
there's a peppy number on every music station..
And all this while, I am standing on the border,
holding a gun

Am I the only one

Somebody boarded a train, off to beaches for surfing
somebody just came back, from a golf game or fishing
And all this while, I was trying to make my ends meet
working, toiling hard in the sun

Am I the only one

people get married and enjoy
or have a break up and cry
fall again in relation that would not break, they try
And all this while, I stand with my hands folded in service
and head bowed as a nun

Am I the only one

I am a soldier,
I am a labour,
I am a nun
As I live my life, I never have what you call as 'fun'
But all this while, I lay myself
to make other's life...a better one

Yes, I may be tired and done
But, I am glad
that I am the one!


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  2. Glad to Know your hidden character!!! Nice feelings expression through above lines

  3. Life itself can't give u pleasure and peace,unless u really want it...... Life just gives u time and space.... It's up to u, how u fill it.... Use and enjoy every moment of life... Don't save it for future.... There is no courtesy desk for us to go and get a refund on an unused life...... Live life.....

    1. true and very well said :)