Tuesday, October 4, 2011

human being

i am not much of a smoker,
but i do smoke
i am not much of a drinker,
but i do drink

i am no longer a virgin,
but i am no whore
i still respire and aspire,
to live more

i see the world through my eyes
from the shallow rivers...to the skies

there's something everywhere,
if not...there's air
but, still in my eyes
an emptiness' there

i dont want the eternity,
nor i want to be alone
i wanna be no urchin
nor i awe the king's throne

am an ordinary person
living an ordinary life
having no grandeur or spice
with harmony in hearts and no strife

searching for a li'l love...peace
and no other thing
being a human
i wanna be a human being