Monday, December 10, 2012


I open my eyes and see
people things and tree
Can see them all, BUT not me
So, how would I know, my Identity

I have to see "them"
to know who "I" am

does avaialbility define my need
my desire, my limits and my greed
..."their" reaction
justify "my" action

Strange! when 'us' is made of lots of 'me'
who is then 'you', 'I' and 'we'

is this life's irony
or is it this the way it was supposed to be

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

am I the only ONE...

I am tired and done...
Am I the only one

Around the world there are celebrations..
there's a peppy number on every music station..
And all this while, I am standing on the border,
holding a gun

Am I the only one

Somebody boarded a train, off to beaches for surfing
somebody just came back, from a golf game or fishing
And all this while, I was trying to make my ends meet
working, toiling hard in the sun

Am I the only one

people get married and enjoy
or have a break up and cry
fall again in relation that would not break, they try
And all this while, I stand with my hands folded in service
and head bowed as a nun

Am I the only one

I am a soldier,
I am a labour,
I am a nun
As I live my life, I never have what you call as 'fun'
But all this while, I lay myself
to make other's life...a better one

Yes, I may be tired and done
But, I am glad
that I am the one!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

aaj bin mausam barsaat hui

आज बिन मौसम बरसात हुई
कुछ बूंदों की सौगात हुई
धुल से गए मायूसी से ढके चेहरे
जब दुःख की भेंट...एक मुस्कराहट के साथ हुई...
आज बिन मौसम बरसात हुई

रिमझिम का संगीत था, नहीं सूरज की बात हुई
परेशानियों  से झुलसे बदन भीग गए ऐसे
जब ख़ुशी की फुहार संग मुलाकात हुई
आज बिन मौसम बरसात हुई

एक सौंधी सी खुशबू से सुबह की शुरुआत हुई
छप-छपाते...गुनगुनाते गुजरा ये दिन
और उसी सौंधी खुशबू के संग रात हुई
आज बिन मौसम बरसात हुई